Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dying while making supper!

What Fun!! While I was making supper tonight I poured hubby some drink, what you ask??
I used Walmart brand Cranberry drink mix that comes in the canister. I thought it was a real wow red, but won't come out that way but I love pink so let's give it a try.

I remember a discussion lately on CQ4N on using KoolAid to dye lace with so off I ran to pick up (literally) lace bits off the floor. I threw them in a small glass of liquid (made as directed on the package), added a drop of vinegar. Let them set while we ate supper.

This is how they looked after they had been well rinsed and patted dry. Which means that they are still damp, I am guessing that they will dry alittle lighter. OH what fun though, it seems each piece came out almost a different color. Two of the pieces are exactly the same and they came out alike, kind of a pinkish gray. The one hardly took any color at all but I still like it. I was really surprised at how dark the long piece of lace turned out.

I adore surprises so you can guess that I will be making a different pitcher of drink for hubby now for while to see what kind of cool colored laces I can get. I can see it now, supper time is dying time!!!

Hoping you have had some time to be creative this week~~~~


  1. What fun! I love this type of surprise, dropping in the lace and seeing what comes out! Can`t wait to see what the next flavour brings...

  2. Karin, your dyed laces turned out great, will search for this drinkmix on my trip to the USA next month! WILMA

  3. Hello Karen, thank you so much for visiting my blog, for your compliments, and your words of comfort and encouragement.

    I see that you've been busy, busy, too. I love the laces. I can't seem to get mine to take the dye. Probably an operator error, though. LOL.

    Take care. Gerry


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