Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another Supper Dyeing episode!!!

The next to the youngest darling granddaughter needed a tooth pillow. I grabbed purple fabric for her and added a purple rosebud flannel for the pocket. She has already lost her first tooth so Grandma is alittle behind. I plan to mail it tomorrow, so hopefully no more teeth will fall out before it arrives in Ohio!
The best thing happened today!! I had misplaced my diamond ring when we moved here, you know put it in a safe place!! I haven't been able to find it for the past three plus weeks. I called the insurance company and had them working on it. Today I picked up a quilt on the shelf in the bedroom and there it was!! ON a little ceramic ring holder!! I am so blessed to have it back!!!!!Tonight I decide to press on with the supper time dyeing sessions!! LOL Last night was so much fun that I just had to see what the Crystal Light Sunshine would make. As you can see it was impossible to photo well. It turned out a very beautiful light yellow. I didn't do the full dilution as per package, I used hot water this time, vinegar and I wet the lace before dropping it in. I thought this might be a tough dye because it was yellow so I tried to give it all the help I could. This maybe addictive and I may have to give that grape or cherry in the cabinet a try tomorrow night. The best part of this is it takes little time, only a small dish and it is always a surprise!!
Stop back tomorrow and see if I tried another color!!


  1. You never know what you can use to dye lace! Who would of thought , cranberry juice. That is so neat! Those yellows are so soft and pretty, the pinks look great too.

  2. I love the colors of the pink and yellow and am fascinated by the variations of the colors of the laces...

  3. Very delicate! Wish I could do some dyeing with you!


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