Friday, May 7, 2010

Michelle's Give Away~ not to be missed~~

 Take a second to pop over to Michelle's blog and see what a beautiful giveaway she has planned.
I think I have mentioned her work before. She does the fabulous drawings on fabric.  This is an ink drawing on antique fabric. Michelle is in my mind one talented woman. Her etsy shop is noted there I believe it is Michelle Palmer, not to be missed my friends.

I am always jealous of anyone who can draw. While taking a doll making class with Eleanor Peace Bailey I was told that I stopped learning to draw as a very young child. I do great stick people. She wondered why I quit drawing and I told her I thought it was because I was made fun of. Of course I am not sure that is the case or did I just think I did such a bad job that I quit drawing??

The mind of a child....................

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  1. I love the idea that she uses vintage fabrics too. Great illustrations.


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