Thursday, May 27, 2010

Making Clothes!!!

Something new lately!! I have been sewing some clothes. I made this pink lace cape to throw over the  little summer dresses. So cute and lightweight.

The long sleeved white jacket needs to have some bias added to the edges to be finished. I haven't decided if I am cutting the sleeves off and make it short sleeved or leaving it alone. I really want it to be short sleeved.  The fabric for this one is a white on white cotton.We will see!!!

The yellow shirt is a bat wing shirt made out of yellow gauze from an idea I saw online. It is so cute!! I wish I had made it alittle longer so the next one will be longer.

Making skirts next, I found gauze on sale at Hancock Fabric so I will be whipping those up!! A little off my usual for my blog but at least I am getting something done and using up fabric that I have!!

Off on Saturday to shop with a good friend from OH at Mrytle Beach!! Can't wait, I really need the time away to power up the batteries!!!

Have a terrific Memorial Day Weekend!!!


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Karen. Will add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

  2. Excellent!! I'm always looking for a 'little somthing' to wear over 'the cutest dresses' that are always sleeveless, and I'm not a sleeveless wearer anymore!


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