Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!!

Happy Memorial Day !! A special thank you to anyone who has served our country. If you have a family member who is presently serving please give them my thanks. DD as you may remember is Army National Guard. Also have a friend from Columbus OH who's son Andy is being deployed in June, he is in the Air Force. Please keep them in your prayers.
The last round of the FFT #11 on CQI is coming to a close. I have Michelle's block and am in the process of working on it. The full picture is what it looked like when I got it this week. It is a lovely block with some spectacular work on it. The picture of the corner is the work I have added so far. Couldn't let this corner go home naked so I added some flowers and a seam embellishment. This is the upper left hand corner of the block.
You will see there is still room to work on the lower left to. That is what I am working on now. Adding some chain stitch and I am going to look for piece of lace to add to that corner as well. I think she will be real happy when it gets home to her. I am working on it to get it done and in the mail early. I am leaving June 15 for a trip to Ohio to see friends and family. I want it done and out of here so that in the last minute rush it is not forgotten or misplaced. I will be excited to get home to see my completed block, it should be here when I get home.

Have a wonderful week!!

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  1. I love your crazy quilt block, it is lovely. I hope you had a great memorial day-I did just relaxed and laid back.


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