Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun Flowers

While I was blog surfing (sounds so energetic doesn't it??) I happen on Lilla's blog and she was making these adorable flowers. Well you guessed it I had to run into my studio (LOL) and grab what was needed and make some. Poor hubby suffered as it was supper time yesterday when I began this silliness. I think they turned out cute. I experimented with fabrics and tulles and had a great time. Three circles of tulle topped with a velvet (or minkee as I used a couple times) 5 leafed flower cut out, topped with another circle of tulle and some flower centers were put through all the layers. Then the layers of tulle were run through the candle, just the edges mind you and ta da a cute flower. Gotta love and easy and cute craft!!!

Today some goodies from ebay showed up in the mail. More fun!! I got these 4 changes purses. The beaded one is beatiful, not what I really wanted, I was after the other three!!  It isn't easy to see in the picture but the top one has a gorgeous plastic (?) top on it. I also got he gold trim, buttons and adorable glass bottles. Gotta love the bottles don't ya??
In the buttons are glass clear, PINK, and brown ones. Gorgeous and a perfect addition to CQ blocks.
Last but not least in the mail, a package from Emilie in France (yes France!!!!) I never in my life got anything from France before but I won her blog give away!! Pinks and grays was the one I choose, imagine that. Cut hand mitsm pink and white trim, a pink crocheted rose, a pink scarf and pink beads plus the lush gray fabric. I am so thrilled. Thank you sweet Emille!! You can catch her blog at The French Frog!!

Such a wonderful way to end an absolutely lousy day!! Fighting with insurance, feeling like everytime you get back up someone comes along to know you down again!!
Hoping your week is creative and fun!!


  1. Nothing like some fat squishy envelopes full of goodies to play with to turn a bad day around, eh? Lovely goodies! Hang in there with the insurance - they are always a pain to deal with but usually it turns out okay in the end.

  2. Those flowers are adorable! You could glue them onto a hair clip and it would look so cute!


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