Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stitching FUN!

I have finished up my work on the RR from CQI which was FFT#11. I finished early and sent it home to Michelle. Here is the last of the work that I did. The point of the corner I added SRE and then above the line of beaded flowers I added some lace and several rows of embroidery. She says she is very happy with her block so we must have done good!! I am anxiously waiting for mine to come home. It is not due until after the 15th of June and I will be on vacation so I told Ing to take her time and not hurry as it will sit here and wait for my return.  Speaking of vacation I will be offline the 15th through the 22nds, visiting family and friends in Ohio. I am taking a "break" from life, caregiving is getting the best of me. Hubby will be staying home with DD and I will be running away, this time. I am looking forward to family time with the grandkids and shopping with friends. I have a day planned in Berlin OH (Amish country) so lots of good food and shopping in fabric stores and antique malls. Then I have another day planned in a huge antique mall. Good thing I have the suitcase 3/4 of the way packed with things for the grands isn't it??? More room to pack things that I buy to bring homr. LOL
This green block shown here naked is a Garden/Farm block for CQ4N's. It will be a block swap so I have to get this baby embellished to send out the end of July. If time permits I have ideas for another one too. Below is the beginning of the work on it with a tree on the left side. I found the how to on Kathy's blog. So easy and cute when finished.I will share more pictures of this block when I get home !! Have a grand weekend, see you after the 22nd!!!

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