Monday, June 28, 2010

It's a bag and a shirt!!

I wanted to share witht you the finished purse. I had to add the cute pink flower!! It was not part of the purse pattern but couldn't help myself. You get a small glimpse of the lining fabric, this bag is actually reversible. I think it turned out cute and am glad that I bought the bias tape in black because it really pops. Below is a tank top that I got at JoAnn's. It was on clearance for $7 and some change. It is comfy and was easy! Gotta love that!!Not a great picture of it but it has a drawstring in the neckline and ties at the shoulder. Will have to try a better picture. I really need my manniquin fixed so I can use it for better pictures.

Hoping your week is going well. I am so excited because this Sat is the Peach Fest, like my most favorite food! Hoping to come home with some terrific peaches to make some peach sauce with so I can enjoy them all winter!!


  1. What an adorable purse! I thought at first when I saw the post name, that the purse was also a shirt! Duh, I'm tired I guess. But the shirt is the prettiest fabric!

  2. Love the purse and the shirt! Good job! The pink flower really "makes it"!

  3. What a sweet purse - and the shirt looks cool, which is what we need right now; hu? Great job!


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