Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It's a cameo day here at my house. I started on Sun to bead, or learn to bead around cameos. Some of the cameos are the ones that Ira sent me from Israel. The light blue one was my first try. Then I did the green one. Last you will see that I am in the process of working on the Orange colored background, there is a picture of it completed below. The other cameos are new ones that came in the mail today.
The white porcelain face is some I already had. I bought these cameos from a seller on Etsy.I believe it is Cathysjewels  @ Etsy. She has some beauties and fast service. I plan to add these to my CQs. I will be going back to see if she has any smaller ones. These are great but sometimes I need smaller ones.

I also started some new fabric flowers today so will share those tomorrow.
Have a creative day!


  1. Pretty! You are NOT tempting me to bead! :)

  2. These are so beautiful! I LOVE the fairy and the flower.

  3. Such a pretty idea! What will you do with them? Are they pins? Or to put on a picture?

  4. Cyndi~
    I glued these to felt and then beaded around them. When I am ready to use them I plan to cut them out close to the edge and sew them to fabric pieces in my Crazy Quilt blocks. I have also thought about adding them to cuffs. Wouldn't that be cute?? Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Ohhhh Karen everything is beautiful!! Love the dyed lace too!


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