Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fabric Flowers, Peaches and Bar Stools all have what in Common??

They are what I have been doing today!!! WOW  What a busy day I got up and finished making peach sauce and put it in the freezer, then I padded and covered bar stools!! I added three inches of padding to make them super comfortable and then a pretty pink striped floral fabric!!!
Then you can see that I worked on fabric flowers. I had them done before but they needed something in the center so off to the button box I went. Gotta love that Fabric tack glue, it is a wonder!! These turned out really cute! I want to make more they are really addicting.

Finally a shirt that I got finished (can you see the sweet gathered pockets??) and there is a dress I added the straps too and hemmed. No picture of it because it was too dark to be able to see how pretty the gauze fabric really is. I am in a clothing making place right now. I have a pair of green gauze capris cut out to whip up tomorrow. The pattern is cut out to layout the matching  green print gauze top and another pattern cut out to make up a knit dress and a tank top pieced out of crocheted pieces as seen on Magnolia Pearl. I do love that woman's designs and gorgeous work but I know I can't afford her prices so I am going to try to whip up my own. Doesn't mean they will be pretty, wearable etc but I have plenty of pieces to give it a try!!
Now I am worn out and may not be able to do another thing tomorrow!! LOL  The plan is fresh peach pie and peach crisp. Then some sewing plus taking DH to the cardiologist. We shall see how much I can get done !!
Enjoy the heat my friends and be creative!!


  1. Love the fabric on the bar stools! The flowers are so cute and the top is awesome! I need a little of your energy!

  2. Peach sauce! Right now in our heat and humidity, cold out of the freezer sounds so wonderful! What a very busy day, hope you can have some energy for tomorrows list!

  3. Busy lady! Love the flowers. Good luck on the clothing. The pleated pockets are cute. :)


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