Saturday, July 17, 2010

~~~Cuffs~~~ No Not Hand Cuffs!!!

I decided that I wanted to make some cuffs the other day so I got right to it. The first one I started out with a piece of white felt and took a makeup sponge and dapped on paint. I didn't wet the felt at all. I did thinned the paint with plenty of water. I used a light blue (made for leather paint!!) and a "blueberry" color that had an almost lavender hue to it. I dabbed them on leaving plenty of white. I wanted to make this a Snow or Winter type cuff (I know it is 90+ degrees here in SC but ). I have gathered some cute winter/snow buttons to add to it when the felt is dry.
Here are the two paints that I used and see my exciting paint holder???
Adorable buttons to add.
The pink cuff started out with wide cream satin ribbon as the base. It was a wired ribbon but I removed the wire. I added a pink lace that I hand gathered. I will be adding buttons, flowers something else, not sure what yet. The lace cuff started out with a piece of vintage lace at the bottom, I used warm and natural batting as the base, layering the laces up from the bottom to top, running a machine stitch down the center of each layer. All are vintage pieces except the top. I added three buttons to the center. I adore this one.
Last is one that will be made out of off white fabrics with this cute picture in the center. I had pulled out some other goodies to add to it after it is sewn together in a Crazy Quilt style and then embroidered. I think the flowers and tassel will add just the right touch when it is finished. I plan to finish them all up tomorrow and will share more pictures.

Our family received sad news today. Our youngest daughter Lacy lost her best friend from High School. Kelly was a sweet young woman and will be missed by all of us. Our thoughts and prayers are with her beautiful daughter Jade, her parents and her brother.
Remember to say I love you, it is a statement you will never regret!!

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  1. I'm so sorry for the loss of your daughter's friend. My prayers are with her, and her friends family.
    I'm anxious to see the completed cuffs, they're so beautiful so far.


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