Monday, August 2, 2010

Hanging a Butterfly!

This weekend was one of doing the dreary chores that I try to ignore so that I can sew or stitch. They must be caught up sometime I guess so I did that instead of the fun things I like to do. I have two new blocks from my collection that top one is a gift from Sue on CQ4N list. I am adding a bit here and there to finish up the seams but as you can see it is almost done. It will be the other side of the block below that was a gift from Alice of the Looney Bin from CQ4N also. Her block is done and ready to be sewn together with Sue's to form the next page in my book.

I had to share a couple pictures with you of the geese hanging around the apartment complex pond. They were there when hubby and I came back from supper on Sat night so I took a walk with the camera and got some pictures. They let me walk right up close although they did hiss and honk at me!! No fear of me or the cars they were walking in front of!!

This is the only peice of creative fun I had this weekend. I got his butterfly pressed and tacked to rose velveteen. Then I put it in a shadow box frame so I could hang it on the wall. No it is not evenly spaced in the frame but I sitll like it! I will hang it in our living room.
Now off to do some stitching. Have a terrific week.

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