Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Art Quilts are on my mind!!

I have finished up this art quilt that I showed you earlier as a WIP. Not sure why the one closeup looks gray but believe me it is not. This is all done in neutrals.
I started another art quilt last night which is still a WIP. I plan to add more goodies to it. I am using things that I dyed myself. The base is wool felt with a piece of muslin at the to (the marking on the muslin was caused by salt on it while it was drying, don't ya love it???) , the the print is layered over some net and a piece of gauze. I layered some purchased fabrics in spots as well.  
I stamped the word on the fabric and purposely didn't make it real clear I added some embroidery stitches to hold all of it in place. Plus a piece of hand dyed lace. I think it needs some buttons/beads and maybe some ribbon. I will continue to work on this and share when it is done. I think a pink on is next but Hubby and I are planning a trip North to see family on Sun so I don't think I will get much creating done for the next couple weeks.
Have a blessed and creative week. Hoping to share family pictures next week.


  1. Hi Karen,I absolutely love this. Wonderful colours and textures. Have a good trip. Blessings

  2. Hi Karen
    I've just found your blog!

    These quilt pieces are lovely - such beautiful work you're doing. Have you been stitching forever?!

    I've become a follower so I can see what happens next! Enjoy your trip away too.
    Please come and visit me and I'll get out my prettiest teacups and make you very welcome!

  3. Your quilt pieces are always so beautiful!


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