Thursday, August 5, 2010

What Fun!!

How I love a good day at an antique shop. This is a small mall that I went to in Irmo SC. I had an enjoyable time all by myself. I have decided to explore SC and not put it off because one never knows how long they will live in one place! I have regrets about things that I did not see and do while I lived in AZ and do not intend to have them about living here.I found this rose colored trim and of course liked the color and that it was different from anything that I have now.
The doilys were in a basket and all for $5. A great deal when I did not see another doily in the place for less than $5 each!!! Yes some are stained but I will soak them and see how they come out. If that doesn't work I will throw them in a dye bath and fix them right up!!

Planning a trip to the lake for sun, swimming and fun!!

Hope you have a terrific day! Blessings!!


  1. Great finds Karen! Love the rose colored trim! A day out and about like that is always a good day!

  2. The rose color trim is fantastic! I love how small it is too. I like small and dainty!

    All those doilies for 5 bucks, no one could pass that up! If you end up dying them. Please share how they turned out. I have some crocheted lace that was given to me with a few small light spots of discoloration. I was wondering if dying it would be ok.

    Thanks for sharing:)

    Ann Flowers

  3. Hi Karen, don't you just love it when you go antiquing and find all sort of lovely things to use on your stitching? I do!!! I have a huge flea market on Sunday and I can't wait!
    You just have the loveliest blog!!!

  4. Karen, I love the pink trim - it is unusual but gorgeous...I don't blame you for buying the doilys...I can't resist buying them if they are at a good price...I know where Irmo is as I lived in West Columbia....Marilynne


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