Saturday, August 7, 2010

Season to Season CQ Blocks

I belong to Crazy Quilt for Newbies yahoo group and a year ago we started a project where we made a block for each season, starting with summer and embellished it half way. Then it was sent to a swap mom who sent it on to someone else to finish the last half of the embellshing. Then the blocks were returned. My last block, Spring came home this week!! Nina was my swap partner and she did a beautiful job on my block. Here on the right.
I thought I would share with you the rest of the blocks. I know that I have shown you before but it is so nice to see them all together.
The pink and largest block is my summer block and I guess I can't follow directions or measure (LOL). This was the first block and Veleta, who just recently passed away and we are going to miss terribly did the stitching. She was gracious enough to take on my extra large block and didn't miss a seam even though I told her not to worry about finishing the whole things!! Such gorgeous stitching!
Below those two are my winter block that Susan worked on and my fall block that Jenny stitched.

Can you tell I love them? They are all so different and wonderful. My plan is to make a wall hanging out of the 4 of them. I not sure exactly how I am going to accomplish this but that is my plan.  We are leaving for OH in the morning so until I have a chance to post again: Thanks for stopping by !! Blessings!


  1. Karen, the blocks are gorgeous...can't wait until I see them in a wall hanging...Marilynne

  2. These blocks turned out so beautiful Sadie, I think they will make an awesome wall hanging!

  3. Now that I see your oversize pink block, I remember this. I remember Veleta's meticulous beautiful stitching on this block and how she thought it was so funny you had gone larger. She will be missed.


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