Monday, August 23, 2010

Just a note

A tiny message to let you know that we did have a terrific time in OH with family and friends. Unfortunately when we started home hubby didn't feel well and we have ended up in the hospital. He will be having cardiac bypass (open heart) surgery on August 26. I will not be posting much in the next few weeks.

Our plan is for me to go back to SC and pack up our belongings to move back to OH. Guess it is time to come "home". Hubby's future is so uncertain that this is where we belong right now. I hope to be back sometime soon when hubby is feeling better!!!!


  1. Karen Sweetie, I'm thinking of you and Ken. I hope with all my heart that things will soon look brighter for you both. loads of luv and Blessings

  2. Karen,
    So sorry to hear of the new developments. I'm certainly praying that the surgery goes well and things will be better for both of you. Maybe the move was needed and now you will have more support.
    With prayers and love,


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