Friday, October 15, 2010

Company Is Coming!!

Things are slowly settling down at the Kennedy ranch here in Ohio. I can't believe we have been in the apartment a week already. Hubby came home on Monday so I have been busy with the round of doctor appointments and dialysis. We are adjusting slowly.

The sewing room is coming along like that SLOWLY!!! LOL If you could see the stack of boxes in the garage that belong in that room you would certainly laugh! There are a few boxes in the pile that are seasonal/Christmas decorations but 90% are for the sewing room. In that mess are my salt and pepper shakers and the bathroom rugs which I can't seem to locate. Heaven help me with this mess because I think every move I am downsizing but the sewing room stuff just increases!! What is a lady to do??? I am sure hubby would have an answer for that and the DDs too!! Yes Yes I know what a dumpster is for but not while I can still breath. LOL

Our first company will be here in an hour, DD Valerie and her three sweet babies will be here to see the new place and try to get it in their minds that we do live close to them again. Hard for a 6, 4, and 3 yo to understand after we have lived out of state for the past 5 years. (although Meamaw did get to see all but the 4 yo be born)!! The noise level will surely go up and the old folks will be worn out when they leave but oh so happy that they were here!!!
Have a terrific weekend. Blessings!!!


  1. Hi Karen. what a blessing it is to be close to family. I wish you and Ken all the happiness in the world. Take care of yourselves. love and Blessings Lesley

  2. Karen, you stand firm on the dumpster issue. We need to stand together to protect our stashes.

    Glad you are settling in.


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