Monday, October 25, 2010

The Knitting Basket

 Did I mention that I have been knitting???? Seems to be the only thing that is working for me right now. I started when hubby was in the hospital and have continued to make these crazy ruffled scarves ever since. I have made over a dozen at last count and have more on my sticks as I type!! I love making them and think they are so cute when finished, they look like nothing on the knitting needles.

Today I stopped at Hobby Lobby, which is way to close to the new apartment for my wallet's comfort! They had knitting needles on sale and I want to pick up a couple new sizes and also a pair of double pointed ones, am I crazy??? The answer may well be yes. I want to try making some knitted hats and they all seem to call for completion with double pointed needles, if you knit them in the round. While I was there I found these cute initials on stitcks, to put in your cupcakes. Well I doubt they will end up there but they were so cute they had to come home with me. I am sure I will find a use for them.
I have agreed to take up the reins as the person in charge of the Stash Angels and the community project for next year on Stitch Map. I am nervous about this but hope that I can do the job and not let Shari down. Any ideas for a preject that you can share with me would greatly be apprecited.
Hope to be online for often now.

Have a creative week!!


  1. I know you will do great as the new Stash angel and community project coordinator. I will say Shari is so great to work with. If she asked you to take the job she knows you have the right stuff for it. I would have to agree!!!

    Your knitting it very pretty! I love the colors you have been working with. i bet that type would be great for adding some thin elastic inside and making some hair bands. My daughter loves the scrunchies. And your knitting looks like it could be adapted to make them. too cute!!

    The initials on sticks are cool, so many creative uses other then cupcakes could be used. Cant wait to see what you do with them:)

    Have a great Monday night.

    Ann Flowers

  2. Hello Miss Karen...

    Now girly~that Hobby Lobby of ours keeps me in the poor-house. It's an Oklahoma Company and they are EVERYWHERE around here! If I don't go at least once a week I'm in HL withdrawal! ':)

    I love your knitting sweet girl! I can't knit OR crochet. My mom has tried to teach me and I'm Knitter-stupid. Can't do it and that makes me soooo hopping mad! hahahhaha

    Love to you~


  3. Karen...I just had to come back and comment to you again regarding the precious note you left for me on my bloggie today...

    I'm so sorry your hubby isn't able to things for you any longer because of illness. :...( But, it did make my heart leap for joy knowing he once did...and that he'd do it again if he were able.

    All the more reason we should view every new day we face as a "present". Too quickly they turn into our "past".

    Blessings to you sweet one. Today I'm lifting you and your hubby up to the Father.

    Love to you~



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