Saturday, January 29, 2011

Is it February yet????????????????

 Can you see that I am getting ready for Valentines Day?? Funny thing is I would rather be decorating for Easter/Spring but it is a long time off yet. I imagine all of you feel the same way about now. We have all had it with the snow and cold this year, haven't we?? After being gone for the past 5 winters it has been a big change for me (and not pleasant either LOL) to be back in Ohio for a whole winter.

I have decided to get in a RAK swap on the Cottage Living yahoo group and we are making someone on the list something. We know who we have and I don't think she reads my blog so I should be safe!! I tried to think of what to do mmmmmmmmmm she likes pink  (yeah) and then I got to thinking that mail out is the 1st so why no Valentines hearts. I got out a pink chenille cutter bedspread and went to work. I liked the large wool one I made so much I made the huge pink one for me (kind of big to ship) and made her some smaller ones.
 These were lots of fun: cost nothing and repurposed something I already had. I hope these will be a gift she will enjoy.



  1. I love chenille! Your hearts are pretty and cheery!

  2. How pretty. The heart I'm making has turned out a very odd shape (but don't tell Alice) It's my swap with her for the Victorian Boot. Yes, I know an heart is not a Victorian Boot, but it's a long story, and as you know both me and Alice, you'll understand that it makes perfect sense to us! lol. Blessings

  3. Very pretty hearts. I am sure your partner will love them.I just did some from an old worn quilt for my dough bowl..;-)
    Stay warm.


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