Friday, February 4, 2011

No not March yet but

I have been in the mood for wreaths!! So I went out shopping for things to put on a wreath. I know it is not March yet but I am working ahead! Cute garland and shamrock ornaments at Big Lots caught my eye. I had a cheap wreath at home ($1 at the Dollar Store) so I bought them both and went home and went to work. The garland was $3 and the ornaments were $2. Pretty cheap wreath don't ya think. I do wish I had bought another package of the ornaments. I attached them where I wanted them with E6000 glue, my favorite all time craft glue for putting about anything, except fabric together. Of course Fabrictac is a hit for that job in my humble opinion.

I have also been involved with a Color Theory Class at StitchMap which has been a great learning experience and has also gotten the old needle back in my hand. I have challenged myself to do all of the color combos for the class in floss so I would get back to stitching. I will share those pictures tomorrow just had to let you peek at the wreath first. I do think it needs a bow, don't you??

Have a great weekend. Blessings!

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