Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stick em Up!!

On StitchMap we have been talking about using something in our craft/sewing studio/room for a purpose other than it was intended for. My favorite is my magnetic strip from the hardware. It is just a long narrow magnet that can be screwed on to the wall, mine is by the sewing machine, and then you can put your scissors on there. I happen to have a bazillion (never heard that number before??) different kinds of scissors. I find this to be a simple way to keep track of them and find what I need. Also inexpensive, about $8.
I am taking a Color Theory Class on StitchMap for the past couple weeks. Above and below are a few of the lessons I stitched for this class. I enjoyed doing some stitching for a change. I haven't done much stitching since July. All of the upheaval and changes in our lives has some how effected my love of stitching. That isn't to say that I haven't been creative just not embroidery or CQ. I have done alot of knitting and small sewing projects.

Presently the sewing room is a guest room where my mother is living. Although I am not sure if this is a  permanent arrangement or not it is rather difficult to find supplies or use the sewing machine for now. I am missing having my room but right now my mom needs me so that is what I am doing. If this becomes a permanent move the sewing supplies will have to go into storage and I will make a corner of the living room or our master bedroom a sewing spot.
I don't think I have introduce Minnie to you. She is a new to us cat, hubby thought we needed a pet. She is a two year old from the local Humane Society. I believe we should all adopt if we can and save an animal. She has made herself right at home and settled in well. She hardly got used to our home when Mom came to live and now she is really spoiled. She loves to help me with my fabrics and sewing, you can imagine the kind of help I get.
Have a terrific and creative week!!


  1. That is a sweet looking tabby! Love your stitchery. I use one of those magnetic strips for knifes in the kitchen. My walls are plaster in the rest of the house. A real pain when trying to hang something. Although I suppose I could put one on a piece of furniture....bookcase or one of the 'thrifty' chest of drawers I use for storage. Ummm....

  2. Hi Karen, Minnie is beautiful and so lucky to find such a wonderful new family. Please give her an hug from me, and keep us up to date with her adventures. Tell her her Auntie Lesley in the UK says 'hello'. lots of luv and Blessings


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