Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bunnies and Baskets!!!

 Things are busy here at the ranch getting ready for Spring !! So excited to see the sunshine and watch the calender move toward warmer weather. I want to share with you some cute Easter decorations and projects of mine. On the right is a fabric basket I made today. I made another one in pink but have not completed it yet. I like how this turned out and plan to make a larger one and see how it turns out. This was made out of 8" circles of fabric.
 While shopping at Micheal's I found this cute bird cage on sale. Just when I had been moaning that I didn't have one anymore. Added some moss, a leave and a bird to it.
 A friend and I went to a craft show on Sat, it was small but had some really interesting things. You know how it is, "I could make that, if I just had a pattern!!" I broke down and bought the bunny at right and the egg below. Made very simply out of muslin fabric front and back with a layer of  batting in the between. She finished them but sewing closely along the edges and then decorating. Smart lady!! Just love both of them!!
 The wreath at the right is a work in progress. I started it today and plan to give it to my Mom. Hoping she will like the bright yellow color. I thought I would do something different from my usual pink, saving that color for mine!! I still have to attach the bunny and eggs to the wreath. This was one of those $1 wreaths from the Dollar Store and I took tulle from a spool and cut them and tied to the wreath. The eggs are paper machie ornaments and the bunny is a ceramic one (not too heavy) from Savers. Less that $5 in this wreath. I just love a bargain.
One last bargain to share with you. The glass basket at the left was on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $1.80. Once it was washed up (covered with dust, maybe why no one was buying them!! LOL) I added some pink grass and fake eggs. Not a great picture sorry!! My old Easter basket is behind it, over 50 years old. Makes it an antique right??? I will have to take a picture of them (I have my brothers too!) to share with you later.


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  1. All so pretty Karen, I love the wreath idea, and the baskets are awesome! The glass one is such a good idea I need to copy it. Thanks for sharing, will look for the finished wreaths!


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