Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Easter!!

The little pink Easter tree decorated with Easter Eggs. Cute but Minnie thinks she should play with the eggs!!
 Old vintage  Easter baskets (mine and my brother's!!) LOL That makes them older than dinosaurs according to my darling children! Do you think I should sell them as antiques? Theyare over 50 yrs old.
 Easter egg lights on top of the china cabinet, not any other decorating done up there but the lights look great in the evening.

Little Terra cotta pots being painted. I plan to add Easter grass and chicks when I am done. The odd lump on the right is bird that is decoupaged with newspaper, bought like this for a $1 at Micheal's.Not sure what I will do with this but played with it with paint, Works in progress.

I started a bigger project tonight: Mom gave me a wood TV tray. The top no longer looks real nice so tonight I started to decoupage the top of it with pictures out of a magazine. Not crazy about how it looks but it is drying right now so we will see how it looks tomorrow. I will share when I have the top done.


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