Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

 We had a lovely Easter dinner with all the grandchildren. 2 DD, a DD's boyfriend and his boys and my mom. Full house for this small apartment that has no dining room!!

Above is the Spring wreath I am fixing up for my mom. It had just the white flowers on it and was pretty boring. I want to add alittle more fun to it, probably some ladybugs to make her smile. Right is the flip flops I made for DGS for Easter. My friend Linda had this cute idea so I decided to give it a try. I think they are alittle cross eyed!! LOL

Below is a small yellow wool felt purse I made following directions here. It is about the size of a coin purse and I love it. I am working on a larger one that is not flat like this one. Stay tuned I will share pictures soon.
 This bag was a kit that I had bought. Just had to felt the flowers and do the beading. I had a great time and this went so quick. Due to old age disease I had two of these kits, do you think I liked it or what?? This is the first one I finished and on the second one I did more beading and made it alittle different.

Last but not least is our Minnie, thinks she is human sleeping in our bed (my side of course). I covered her up thinking she would get up and run away, nope she laid there and poised for pictures. We think she is adorable!!

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