Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Obsession!!!

While I was gone from blogging I learned to crochet. I took a class at Micheal's and finally learned! This is something I have been trying to learn for years. My mom tried to teach me, a friend tried and I tried to learn from a  book: no luck! A morning spent with this dear lady and I am going crazy now!!

Although I can only single crochet I have been making scarves !! A woman I might at our widow's group asked me to knit her some to take to Albania in March. Little did she know she created a monster. I decided to crochet to perfect my single crochet a pile of scarves later I decided to start an afghan for my daughter!!

Not a great picture, thought the sunshine would help but I don't think it did. The afghan colors are aqua/dark brown and will go great in her living room. She has already asked for one for someone else and this one is not done yet!!

 I am so grateful for the sunshine so I am not complaining! I am praising God for lots of sunshine and very little snow so far this winter in Ohio!!

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  1. Good for you! I've been wanting to teach myself crochet for quite a while now (I have a kit) but haven't yet begun. This winter, I told myself. Well, it's not half over yet.....still time?


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