Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Craziness with Kittens

Some of you may have seen the pictures I posted last week about the two kittens I was adopting well............... it turned into a mess and they had trouble adjusting to being away from their foster mom so she decided to come get them on Fri night. They assured me they would bring them back this week after they had been spayed and would then leave them with me. HUH????????????

After hearing this crazy story DD found kittens at the local himane society and after a trip there on Sun afternoon I brought home Jade and Nix, two little tiger kittens! They are a riot and have adjusted just fine to my humble abode. I am unable to share pictures of them because they are being fostered and are "wards of the county" and involved as evidence in a court proceeding. Hopefully their previous owner will not get them back.

When they are released for adoption I can take pictures. let's just say they are even cuter than the previous two and much friendlier!! They play all morning and like a baby they nap after lunch, now they are up playing again. I have to go buy new toys before they destroy the apartment!!


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