Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Bunny is Done!

 Another project is done!! I have wanted to make another one of these bunnies as a gift for my youngest DD. I finally have it done. She loves green so I made it up in a variety of green solids and prints. I really hope she will like it. I am planning to take it to her when I go to South Carolina in April.

I am also working on another turtle which is cut out and some embroidery added. I intend to add some beads to it next and then it can be sewed together. I cut out and began putting together an IPad holder. I was digging through the fabric bin for fabric for the first turtle and came across an adorable print of ladies on black with some pink on it. When I decided to try the IPad case I remembered it and pulled it out along with a black that has hot pink polka dots for the lining. I am doing some hand stitching to quilt it.

Tomorrow I am off to babysit all day for the grandkids so I won't be getting any sewing done on the machine!! I plan to work on the afghan while I keep DGS busy in the afternoon!!! Of course we have to go to McDonalds for alittle "spoiling" after I pick him up from preschool!!!


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