Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Update on the Kittens!!!!

 I forgot to update you on the kittens!! They will officially be mine in another week! The court case that they were part of was settled a week or so ago. I got to take them back to have them spayed, needless to say they were not happy to go back to the Humane Society!! There return home the next day was full of merriment and eating!!

On the left is Jade, she is smaller and eats the most!! On the right is Jewel, she is full of it and explores everything. She found out what my water bottle sprayer was for yesterday when I found her up on the counter!! As you can see they like to help me use the computer, they also LOVE to explore the sewing room. I have learned to shut the door, to get something done without being interrupted!!

They have been told it is a good thing they have cute faces!!

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