Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Prayer Flags!!!

 I decided to give something new a try last week!! LOL  I always want to try something new! I think this one is a success. I have seen these many different places on the internet and liked the idea so I checked some out and found out the size is about 5 X 7. This one is exactly that size, I used muslin layered over a cotton batting, just turning the top over to give me somewhere to put it on the flag holder out front. The fabric in the middle is some that I sun dyed last summer, then I added embroidery to it.

My second attempt is on a piece of canvas, another of my sun dyed fabric. On this one I wrote on it using a black Sharpie. I do not think it is done yet. The top of this one will get fabric glued together so it won't spoil the area where it says Blessings! Not sure what else it wants, maybe some buttons.

I am planning on working on another one with this week's TAST.


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  1. I love fabric art... Well done.. I actually love giving that kind of thing a go... How inspiring!


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