Thursday, March 5, 2009

New work

I have been very busy and creative!! Here are a couple pictures of my works in progress. The doll made from the crochet thread is done, she was inspired by the newest Cloth, Paper, Scissors mag.

My hubby thinks I should make one as a gift, so I will have to dig and see if I can find another almost gone spool of thread for her body. I usually give this thread as a gift to a friend in Ohio so I don't know that I have anymore.

The flat doll is an EPB fairy that was hard to photograph. She is missing her head yet...faces my biggest fear!! Love the doll other than that!!

The last picture is a doll in progress, naked except for her socks (of all things) She needs a dress/face/ and accessories. I think I know what fabric but that will wait til tomorrow as I have 2 classes today, making scarves this AM and making lounging pants this PM. Should keep me busy!!!

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