Saturday, August 15, 2009

Having one of those days

Ever have one...everything I touch turns to........ I bought dd a new living room lamp, brought it home, assembled it and went to put the top shade on (Picture short here) and dropped the glass shade on the carpeted floor-----a hundred pieces! Then ( should have known better now) went upstairs to put the mattress and springs into the new bed frame, first it wouldn't fit-then it did (!) but the frame split where it was connected to the side rail. Yep I cried!!! Wish I had stayed in bed today! Even had trouble taking pictures of my work, now that is really sad! Here are a couple pictures anyway. I did find the Flea Market today, that was on my to do list. It was ok, not alot of the things I like to collect, will take more time the next time. I am ading pictures of the little bird plates that I got for $3.I really want to sitch but fear that is beyond me, guess I will work on my own things and not Veleta's block. I have made some head way with it and will share. Experimenting with DD's camera since it is better than mine, LOL. I also included a hummer that I added to a CQ that I started abo9ut 10 yrs ago and plan to finish while I am in exile from my home VBG. Will post pictures as it progresses. I am not real happy with it but I started it and want to finish it, maybe alittle work on it will make me happier. Off to work on the long and short lessons on Mary's website http://www.needle'
Check it out, there are great videos included.

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  1. Hi Karen! I know about those days...seems nothing will go right for sure! I love your little bird plates, they are so sweet ~ Hope you have a wonderful week with no mishaps whatsoever! xxoo, Dawn


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