Monday, August 10, 2009

South Carolina

We arrived safely in South Carolina last evening. Today we are resting and trying to unload the car! The Grand Canyon on Thurs was beyond beautiful and we had great weather. From there we traveled on East ward. DH and the Ddog did well on the trip. I survived. I picked up a few treasures on the way pictures at the Canyon, a pinecone near the hotel at the Canyon, pebbles in NM and a rock in TX. After that the trip is a bit of a blur and I think I forgot to get anything else. Now we are trying to get used to living in someone else's home and sharing with her. She is a wonderful daughter to let us live here and help us try to get through the hurdles ahead. Will try to get back to blogging which I miss alot.


  1. I will be thinking of you blog when you need support for the " hurdles" ahead we are here to listen ( read) hugs Julie

  2. We had a wonderful time when we went to the Grand Canyon. We plan to go back with the grand kids and take the train from Williams through the canyon. Glad to hear you made it safely nad you're enjoying your trip.

  3. Glad you made the trip safely. Your pictures of the Grand Canyon are beautiful, it makes me want to go back and visit it again. Remember we in blog land are there for you. Much luck. I'll be sending you positive thoughts with all the new things you have to do.


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