Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Heart Mail

After a long tiring day of dr appts and cool rainy weather we arrived home to a glorious mail day!!! I couldn't believe there was a box on the porch and two envelopes in the mail box!!! Can you see why my heart was singing and I hadn't even opened anything yet? First was a pkg from Ruby, she had a give away on her blog (some day I will get that cool thing down where I can link to the blog with the name but not yet!!) in it there were cool horse appliques, laces and fibers (hope I didn't forget anything!) Thanks so much, you are a terrific blog friend. Next was the journal from Lyn @ Quiltinlion! The cutest journal and all in Pink!! Can't wait to put it by my chair and start using it for my crazy quilting! Thank you Lyn! Last but not least was the box from Sue! I feel so privileged to be part of the Crazy Quilt 4 Newbies yahoo group! In side the box were crazy quilt blocks, fabrics, goodies etc from many of the ladies on the group in a "hearts and flowers" shower for me. I am guessing this was done because of our recent move to SC for DH's transplant, leaving most of my stash in AZ. What a beautiful bunch of friends ! I truly feel loved and it was the perfect day for it!! Just found out my mom has shingles, a rather bad case of them and my girls are taking of her for me and they both are busy busy women. Thank you to each and everyone who did something to brighten my day today! There is a picture of the journal, two of the blocks, and the fall heart from the heart swap on CQ4N. Aren't they all great??? I only got a few pictures because the batteries are dead, and there are none in the house~ I promise to share more soon and also pictures of my great day at the flea market yesterday! No word from DD, but I am guessing she is in bed asleep!

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