Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Life hits the bullseye

Gotta love the texture in the bark on this tree in our backyard, isn't it neat?
I will apologize for this post and then you can quit reading right here! I try to keep it light and fun here but yesterday life just caught me right square, ya know what I mean? Wakened at 6 AM with a phone call saying our oldest DGD has h1n1. She has chronic health issues so for us this is beyond scarey. Then as I am trying to get out the door to get DH a SC ID card the phone rings again and the dr's office says that DH has a compressed vertebrae in his neck and needs to see a neurosurgeon. Poor guy, what else can go wrong? He already needs three surgeries and now there may be another one in his future. So feeling kicked in the teeth here at the moment. Add adult children with big problems and me flying out to AZ on Wed. Love life!! LOL

I have Susie in the UK's Alien Landscape ready to mail out today. I added a few rocks made from panyhose and fiberfil, I really liked how they turned out. Sorry forgot to take a picture! Jenny's fall block is getting a pumpkin at the moment and I hope to get it finished, maybe while I am in AZ. I can always work on it during the flight.

Lacy is in Charleston getting the testing done for the kidney transplant. I hope that this is all of it and we will be ready to go. Wouldn't that be great? Going to have a better day today!!

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  1. Karen I'm so sorry about all the health issues going on in your family. I hope things will only be improving from now on. Take care of yourself.


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