Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Goodwill Store!

Thankful for what seems a small thing today: new Goodwill store in my neighboorhood!! I have found out after moving here that I was spoiled in AZ with the local thrift shops and Goodwill stores. Prices are high here and most of the thrift stores are a mess. Even though this one is brand new they had thrown all of the housewares, Christmas decorations, patterns and other misc on the shelves on top of each other. Really hard to find things and the possiblity of knocking things on the floor and breaking them was high! I did get some things here are the cheap goodies: a small wicker chair (doll size), 2 pink Christmas stockings and a package of pink napkins. I also found (they are in the washer so no pictures yet) a pink jacket with a very large pink lace collar, a pink sweater with rhinestone buttons and a cream linen blouse. Each of these will be torn apart and things selvedged. Buttons and lace of course and the linen fabric for embroidery, wishing the clothing prices were better but maybe in the future they will have sales when I don't have to feel guilty for spending $4.95 for clothing to tear apart! I know that I can't buy linen for that price per yard so I guess I did ok, certainly not my best bargain hunting ! The hunt was fun and of course it will not be packed like it was today in the future, ya know it was the first day! I did wonder if they had been saving the best donations from all of their stores to haul in there for the first day!! LOL Aren't I bad?? Baby girl had a delay getting out of Eygpt, hoping she arrives tomorrow!! Have a great day!


  1. Hi Karen,
    The pie on my blog is by Marie Callender. Not sure if that is how it is spelled or not for sure.
    You made a haul at the Goodwill! And here I just figured all Goodwill stores shelves were piled high. One of our local ones is all the time. Makes me scared to move one thing. I think I need to get a job there to organize their shelves! HA! I did hear if you work there that you can't buy things?? I could never work there then if that is true. HA HA!!
    Take care!

  2. Hey Karen, isn't a good thrift store the best!? My brother and sister-in-law live in a very small town Mikado, pretty much in the middle of no where, and the local St. Vincent's is called the "Mikado Mall!" Every department, cheap prices, and the greatest place to get crafting supplies, clothes to disassemble! Love it!

  3. I love the local Goodwill store. I also shop at the ones in the surrounding towns when I get a chance. Here the first weekend of the month, every Goodwill does 1/2 price on clothes and housewares, so check it out then.
    I wanted to let you know, I do come and read your blog a lot, but usually don`t comment. But love reading it.

  4. Karen, leave it to you to find "pink" Christmas stockings. They look to be in great shape. The local dumpster site has a building for 'recycling' clothes and stuff. I found a great purse there yesterday. Not a mark on it and free!! Yippee!


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